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Pipeline Sleepers & Supports

A Variety of Pipeline Sizes and Weights

Durable, economical, and easy to install, the Century Precast Concrete Pipeline Sleepers & Supports are the answer to problems associated with metal, wood, and cast-in-place concrete pipe sleepers. With the Century Precast Concrete Pipeline Sleeper, there is no more corrosion or decay problems. Manufactured with high-strength steel, our reinforced concrete Pipeline Sleepers are resistant to salt and corrosive environments. The Century Pipe Supports & Sleepers’ four main functions are to anchor, guide, absorb shock, and support specified loads from a wide variety of pipeline sizes and weights.



With the Century Precast Pipeline Sleepers, the product is delivered to the job site and can be set immediately when required, versus the cast-in-place sleepers which require costly onsite construction, supervision, weather delays, and the task of getting ready-mix concrete to the most remote project sites.

Century Group Inc. can work with owners, engineers, and pipeline contractors in designing the Precast Concrete Pipeline Sleepers that meets the specific project requirements. We can manufacture a diverse line of concrete pipeline sleepers in a variety of shapes and sizes. The precast concrete sleepers feature recessed lifting units for safe, easy, and efficient handling in the field.

The concrete pipeline sleepers can also be manufactured with embedded threaded inserts / anchors, straps, clips, and other hardware used to anchor the pipe to the sleeper. Threaded inserts are commonly installed in the top of the pipe support / sleepers allow for attachment of adjustable pipe saddle supports and couplings. The pipe coupling / saddles are used to properly hold and allow vertical adjustment of pipelines to the proper elevation.