Railroad Spill Containment

Effective Environmental Solutions

In our environmentally sensitive society, it is very important that business and industry continue to strive to be good corporate citizens especially in the area of keeping our environment clean. Our cutting edge technology is used worldwide providing the most effective railcar track pans providing protection from accidental spills at railroad tank car loading racks, locomotive fueling stations and rail car wash facilities.

SPCC Regulations
Railroad Biofuels Facility
Railroad Wash Facility

HDPE Enviropans

The Century Group offers the most innovative and revolutionary railroad spill collection systems available to assist the industry in being good stewards of the environment.

SPCC Regulations

If your facility meets the criteria for a SPCC plan and you have a railroad tank car transloading rack then you most probably need a railroad spill collection system. This is where Century Group Inc. can assist engineers, planners and EH & S personnel in developing a system that provides the most innovative, cost-effective and user friendly railroad spill collection and secondary containment at your railroad transloading or fueling area.


Century Group has continuously designed and developed a series of railroad spill collection systems that can overcome the rigorous environment of a dynamic track system that moves under the loads of railcars. As the leading manufacturer of secondary containment systems at railcar transloading racks, the Century HDPE Enviropans have been the system of choice for newly constructed fuel ethanol and biodiesel facilities across North America.

Railroad Wash

The Century Enviropans provide the best available technology to collect all wastewater and by-products of railcar and equipment wash operations.